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Department of Agriculture Advises Consumers to Discard Unpasteurized Dairy from Lancaster County Farm, Quarantines Raw Cow’s Milk Products


Harrisburg, PA - Consumers who purchased unpasteurized cow’s milk or dairy products from Miller’s Biodiversity Farm in Lancaster County should immediately discard those products. Officials in New York state have notified the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) that raw milk products purchased at the farm may contain a strain of Brucella abortus (RB51).

PDA has issued an order of quarantine to halt the sale of dairy products made from raw cow’s milk from the farm while an investigation is conducted. Pasteurized dairy products from Miller’s Biodiversity Farm have been deemed safe.

This quarantine only applies to this farm. Pasteurized milk sold elsewhere in Pennsylvania is not quarantined.

One individual in New York state has been diagnosed with RB51. The diagnosis was confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control. RB51 causes no symptoms in cattle, but can be spread from cattle to humans. Affected individuals may develop flu-like symptoms, fever, sweats, headaches, back pain, and physical weakness.

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