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Governor Wolf Celebrates Investments in Early Learning and Funding Opportunities to Stabilize Child Care Industry


Erie, PA - Governor Tom Wolf visited Gilson Child Development Center in Erie to celebrate the $30 million increase in state funding to expand early childhood learning to more than 3,200 additional young children and the $655 million available in federal funding to stabilize childcare providers during the pandemic.

"Studies show that children who learn in high-quality pre-k programs perform better in school and are more likely to graduate," said. Gov. Wolf. "We know that early childhood learning programs are good for children, especially those affected by socioeconomic risk factors, but they're also good for families and our economy, too. Parents and caregivers rely on affordable, accessible childcare to go to work every day. When we ensure high-quality learning programs are available for children, we are making an economic investment in our communities."

Since taking office, Gov. Wolf has increased funding for Pre-K Counts by 149% and for the Head Start Supplemental Assistance Program (Head Start) by 77%. Both state programs ensure access to high-quality early learning programs for low-income families with children.
The $25 million increase this year allows Pre-K counts to serve an additional 2,900 children, while the additional $5 million for Head Start will serve 300 more children and their families.

To access photos and video from today’s event, please visit PACast.

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