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72 Schools Receive State Grants to Upgrade Cafeterias


Harrisburg, PA - The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) announced today that more than $925,000 in competitive grants has been awarded to 72 elementary, middle and high schools across the state for the purchase of new food service equipment for cafeterias.  

“Students perform better in school when they have access to regular, nutritious meals,” said Secretary of Education Pedro A. Rivera. “These grants will help schools upgrade equipment so they can continue to provide the essential meals that students need.”

Funding for the grants is made available through the U.S. Department of Agriculture and is awarded to schools which participate in the National School Lunch Program and have 50 percent or more of students eligible for free or reduced-price meals. Schools often use the grants to purchase new refrigerators, freezers, stoves and dishwashers.

Since taking office, the Wolf Administration has been on the forefront of the issue of food security and nutrition. During his tenure, Governor Wolf has established the Food Security Partnership, comprised of the secretaries of the departments of Aging, Agriculture, Community and Economic Development, Education, Health, and Human Services; unveiled the commonwealth’s food security plan – Setting the Table: A Blueprint for a Hunger-free PA; and introduced the Governor’s School Breakfast Initiative. 

Under the School Breakfast Initiative, grants of up to $5,000 are available for schools to implement a school breakfast program using an “alternative serving method,” like grab-and-go, or Breakfast in the Classroom. Last year, 151 schools were awarded $592,000 from the grants. The food service equipment grants awarded today can assist schools with purchasing equipment to use in a school breakfast program.

However, proposed changes from the Trump Administration could impact many Pennsylvania families’ ability to participate in the programs.

Under a Trump Administration proposal to cut Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, more than 22,000 Pennsylvania households with school-age children would no longer qualify for SNAP, and therefore school-age children would no longer be directly certified for free and reduced meals.

Some grant programs, including the food service equipment program, require a school to meet a specific free and reduced lunch eligibility threshold in order to qualify for grant funding. For the equipment grant program, highest priority is given to schools that have at least 50 percent of students eligible for free and reduced lunch. Therefore, any reduction in direct certification through SNAP could impact a school’s eligibility for this grant.

A list of schools receiving food service equipment grants appears below.

For more information about Pennsylvania’s education policies and programs, please visit the Department of Education’s website. Follow PDE on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, or Pinterest.

AlleghenySteel Valley School DistrictBarrett ElementaryReach in Freezer$3,800
AlleghenyWest Mifflin Area School District Homeville Elementary Convection Oven$6,297
AlleghenyPenn Hills School DistrictLinton Middle SchoolConveyor Oven, Gas$18,765
AlleghenySteel Valley School DistrictSteel Valley High SchoolConvection Steamer$16,085
AlleghenyWest Mifflin Area School DistrictClara Barton Elementary Convection Oven$6,297
AlleghenyWest Mifflin Area School DistrictWest Mifflin Area High School Convection Oven$6,297
AlleghenyBrentwood Borough School DistrictBrentwood Middle SchoolZone Merchandiser$5,553
BeaverRochester Area School DistrictRochester Area High SchoolMilk Cooler$2,689
BeaverNew Brighton Area School DistrictNew Brighton Middle SchoolKettle, Gas, Tilting$24,144
BeaverFreedom Area School DistrictFreedom Area Middle SchoolConvection Oven, Electric$7,150
BlairSpring Cove School DistrictMartinsburg Elementary SchoolDouble Stack Combi Oven$34,691
BradfordCanton Area School DistrictCanton Area Elementary SchoolConvection Steamer, Gas$52,367
BradfordCanton Area School DistrictCanton High SchoolConvection Oven, Electric$6,373
BucksPennsbury School DistrictPenn Valley Elementary SchoolConvection Steamer$5,710
CambriaBlacklick Valley School DistrictBlacklick Valley ElementaryCombi Oven, Electric$14,245
CambriaBlacklick Valley School DistrictBlacklick Valley Junior Senior High SchoolCombi Oven, Electric$14,245
ChesterOxford Area School DistrictJordan Bank ElementaryReach in Freezer$3,389
ChesterOxford Area School DistrictElk Ridge Elementary SchoolConvection Steamer, Electric$17,467
ClearfieldClearfield Area School DistrictClearfield Area Elementary SchoolConvection Oven, Gas$8,263
ClearfieldClearfield Alliance Christian SchoolClearfield Allied Christian SchoolRefrigerator$4,485
ClearfieldClearfield Area School DistrictClearfield Area Junior Senior High SchoolConvection Oven, Gas$8,263
DauphinAlternative Rehabilitation CommunitiesA.R.C. Canal RoadImperial Electric Range$4,334
DauphinAlternative Rehabilitation CommunitiesA.R.C. Susquehanna TrailImperial Electric Range$4,009
DauphinDauphin County Technical SchoolDauphin County Technical SchoolCombi Oven, Electric$17,470
DelawareRidley School DistrictEddystone ElementaryWalk-in Freezer$25,524
ElkRidgway Area School DistrictRidgway Elementary SchoolMobile Heated Cabinet$2,772
ForestForest Area School DistrictWest Forest Elementary SchoolDishwasher$23,427
IndianaBlairsville-Saltsburg School DistrictBlairsville Senior High SchoolGas Countertop Griddle$6,462
JeffersonPunxsutawney Area School DistrictPunxsutawney Area Elementary SchoolDishwasher$47,348
JeffersonPunxsutawney Area School DistrictPunxsutawney Area High SchoolDishwasher$47,348
JeffersonBrockway Area School DistrictBrockway Area Junior Senior High SchoolConvection Oven, Gas$5,690
LackawannaRiverside School DistrictRiverside Elementary EastPass Thru Refrigerator$5,670
LehighCAI Learning Academy IncorporatedCAI Learning AcademyBreakfast Cart$2,681
LuzerneWyoming Area School DistrictWyoming Area Primary CenterWalk in Freezer$34,056
McKeanBradford Area School DistrictGeorge G. Blaisdell Elementary SchoolCombi Oven, Gas$22,746
MercerGeorge Junior Republic in PennsylvaniaGeorge Junior Republic in PennsylvaniaOven, Gas Roll-in$51,209
MonroeEast Stroudsburg Area School DistrictBushkill ElementaryDouble Stack Steamer$17,151
MonroeEast Stroudsburg Area School DistrictJ M Hill Elementary School Hot/Cold Serving Line$11,397
MonroeEast Stroudsburg Area School DistrictMiddle SmithfieldWalk in Box Freezer$35,795
MonroeEast Stroudsburg Area School DistrictSmithfield ElementaryDouble Stack Steamer$17,151
MonroeEast Stroudsburg Area School DistrictEast Stroudsburg ElementaryConvection Oven$7,077
MontgomeryNorristown Area School DistrictPaul V. Fly ElementaryConvection Oven$8,245
PhiladelphiaAntonia Pantoja Community Charter SchoolAntonia Pantoja Community Charter SchoolCombi Oven$16,300
PhiladelphiaEugenio Maria De Hostos Charter SchoolEugenio Maria De Hostos Charter SchoolCombi Oven, Gas$16,300
PhiladelphiaLindley Academy Charter School at BirneyLindley Academy Charter School at BirneyRefrigerator$3,144
PhiladelphiaOlney Charter High SchoolOlney Charter High SchoolCombi Oven$16,300
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaBarry Comm John SchoolReach-in Refrigerator$3,193
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaBregy F Amedee SchoolWalk-in Refrigerator$6,261
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaFurness Horace High SchoolWalk-in Freezer$6,689
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaHartranft John F SchoolWalk-in Freezer$6,689
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaHunter William H SchoolReach-in Refrigerator$2,414
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaLincoln/ Swenson HSReach-in Refrigerator$3,193
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaMorris Robert SchoolWalk-in Refrigerator$6,261
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaMunoz -Marin LuisWalk-in Freezer$8,315
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaOverbrook High SchoolReach-in Refrigerator$3,193
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Leadership Academy-SouthReach-in Refrigerator$3,193
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaSheridan Philip H SchoolWalk-in Refrigerator$6,261
PhiladelphiaWest Oak Lane Charter SchoolWest Oak Lane Charter SchoolWalk in Freezer$14,993
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaFranklin LCMilk Cooler$2,909
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaArthur Chester A SchoolMilk Cooler$2,909
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaPollock Robert B SchoolMilk Cooler$2,909
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaParkway-Center City Middle CollegeReach-in Refrigerator$3,193
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaFrank Anne SchoolMilk Cooler$2,909
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaHill Freedman World AcademyReach-in Refrigerator$3,193
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaBaldi C A  MSReach-in Freezer$4,081
PhiladelphiaSchool District of PhiladelphiaDecatur Stephen SchoolWalk-in Freezer$8,315
PotterAustin Area School DistrictAustin Area Elementary SchoolWalk in Cooler$16,629
SchuylkillWilliams Valley School DistrictWilliams Valley Elementary SchoolCombi Oven$25,535
SomersetShade-Central City School DistrictCairnbrook Elementary SchoolRefrigerator$3,995
SomersetNorth Star School DistrictNorth Star East Middle SchoolConvection Oven, Gas$7,036
VenangoCranberry Area School DistrictCranberry Area Junior Senior High SchoolCombi Oven, Gas$17,865
WashingtonTrinity Area School DistrictTrinity North Elementary SchoolCombi Oven$37,157

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