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Shapiro Administration Celebrates the Renamed Health and Human Services Building


Harrisburg, PA - Today, the Department of Human Services (DHS) Secretary Dr. Val Arkoosh and Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Dr. Debra Bogen together celebrated the renaming of their shared building as the Health and Human Services Building. The new name removes the outdated language of the former “Health and Welfare” building and replaces it with the Department of Human Services’ current title to create a cohesive branding for both Departments.  


“This name change to the Health and Human Services Building is part of a much larger goal for the Department of Human Services as we aim to serve all Pennsylvanians with dignity and respect and at the same time discontinue use of outdated and stigmatizing language. This is more than just a name change, it is another step toward modernizing our work and centering our efforts around the people we serve,” said DHS Secretary Arkoosh. “I am excited to have our building better reflect our Department and the work accomplished inside to better serve all Pennsylvanians.”  


“The new building name reflects the Shapiro Administration’s commitment to strong collaboration between the Departments of Health and Human Services to ensure all Pennsylvanians are well served by both agencies,” said DOH Secretary Bogen. “The new name speaks to the broad range of services provided by the dedicated health and human services professionals working within the departments to meet the needs of Pennsylvanians.”  


The building was rededicated with the new name in January 2024, and it recently became official with the installation of new signage throughout the building. This name change aligns the building with the Department’s title change in 2014 from the Department of Public Welfare to the Department of Human Services. The update also includes changes to the location’s mailing address and online presence to reflect the change. 


Built in 1955 as part of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex, the building houses key offices for both DOH and DHS and serves as a centralized workspace for hundreds of Commonwealth employees. In addition to the Health and Human Services Building in Harrisburg, DHS supports local County Assistance Offices throughout Pennsylvania for people who need in-person services. 


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