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Department of Health Announces the Temporary Closure of Ellwood City Medical Center

Harrisburg, PA - Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine announced that as of Tuesday afternoon, the leadership of Ellwood City Medical Center has temporarily suspended all services at the facility.

“While it is disappointing that hospital ownership made this choice, the department is committed to ensuring that hospital facilities can provide safe care to patients,” Dr. Levine said. “We will be continuing to monitor the facility in the upcoming days and weeks. It is essential that people are aware that if they need medical treatment, they will need to go to another hospital in the area.”

While the temporary closure is in place, the department is also continuing the ban on admissions and the closure of the emergency department.

Patients who had appointments scheduled at the medical center will need to check with their physician to see where to go for appointments.

Anyone who needs medical records can contact the facility at 724-752-0081. In addition, patients who need images from the radiology department can also call the hospital to get those images pulled.

The department is also working with the Department of Labor & Industry to assist employees at the hospital who have been laid off. More information on that is expected in the near future.

“We will continue to work with the hospital’s leadership, employees and the local community during this time to work to reduce the impact on residents.” Dr. Levine said. “The public health and safety of those living in Ellwood City and the surrounding communities is our priority.”

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