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Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Announces New Program to Support Innovative Insurance Products


Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman today announced a new program within the Pennsylvania Insurance Department (PID) that will encourage the insurance industry to deliver innovative new insurance solutions and products. Keystone Smart Launch (Smart Launch) will help to reduce barriers and speed up the regulatory process so Pennsylvania can offer cutting-edge services to its consumers and industry professionals.


"The Smart Launch program is open to both regulated and non-regulated entities in the commonwealth looking to introduce novel insurance products and services in Pennsylvania," Commissioner Altman said. "Bringing a new product to the market can be a frustrating process, but Smart Launch will make it easier to navigate the regulatory considerations and challenges that can bar progress and innovation. Through Smart Launch and the open communication channels it will create, we believe we can enable an easier, more efficient process to bring new and better options to the market, while still ensuring the same level of robust consumer protection this Department has always provided."


The Smart Launch program was created by PID to provide a forum to discuss innovative products, programs, or service ideas, and is open to insurers, entrepreneurs, service providers, and anyone looking to bring an innovative insurance product or service to Pennsylvania. Smart Launch encourages submissions of insurance products and services that use newly developed designs or technologies, including ones that may depart from the traditional regulatory framework.


Ideas can be submitted through the Smart Launch Idea Portal. Once submitted, the ideas go through an internal review by the Smart Launch team, comprised of dedicated individuals within PID who have the experience necessary to provide feedback on ideas that may impact Pennsylvania's insurance market.


The internal team will reach out to the submitter to provide information regarding the regulatory process and highlight potential considerations regarding consumer protections. Addressing these considerations from the beginning may help facilitate a faster process to get innovative ideas into the market.


"Despite the challenges that the commonwealth, and the world, has endured during the on-going pandemic, Pennsylvania's insurance market continues to introduce pioneering new insurance products and solutions," said Altman. "PID is proud to support innovation in the industry and hopes to better serve both Pennsylvania insurance companies and consumers with this new program."


For more information about the Keystone Smart Launch program and to submit ideas for review, please visit

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