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Shapiro Administration Reminds Motorists to Stay Alert, Use Extreme Caution to Avoid Deer Collisions

Insurance companies cannot add a surcharge to auto insurance premiums for crashes involving deer or other wildlife

Pennie's 2024 Open Enrollment Period Has Started

Pennsylvanians without health coverage may enroll through Pennie to receive the lowest costs on high quality health insurance

Shapiro Administration Directs Insurers to Meet Obligations for Autism Coverage Under Mental Health Parity Laws, Removing Barriers to Care and Expanding Access to Services for Pennsylvanians

The Shapiro Administration has directed health insurers to provide coverage for autism benefits starting on January 1, 2024 in compliance with mental health parity laws, taking action to ensure that parity for autism benefits is a reality for tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians with autism.

Shapiro Administration Releases Health Insurers Claims Data Report, Highlights Denial Appeal Process to Ensure Pennsylvanians Receive Benefits They Are Owed

Harrisburg, PA – Under Governor Josh Shapiro’s leadership and commitment to consumer protection, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department (PID) today released Pennsylvania’s inaugural 2023 Transparency in Coverage Report, outlining data on claims, claim denials, and appeal information for health insurers doing business in the Commonwealth.
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