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Wolf Administration Assisting Philadelphia Energy Solutions Workers

Harrisburg, PA – The Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) has activated its Rapid Response Coordination Services (RRCS) to assist Philadelphia Energy Solutions workers in Philadelphia.

A team of specialists from the department's Rapid Response Services is reaching out to local officials and business representatives to offer services. RRCS activities are typically triggered when L&I learns of a closure or layoff by receiving a notice from the company or through the media, but can also be activated in response to job or business loss when a disaster occurs.

Generally in these situations, the team will schedule informational meetings with the employer and affected workers to provide information about and access to services, including unemployment insurance, information regarding Reemployment Services at the PA CareerLink®, health and pension benefits, training programs, job search activities, education services, and social service programs, among others.

Services are state and federally funded, and are provided at no additional charge to the employers and employees, regardless of the reason for the layoffs.

The department's Rapid Response Information Guide provides a thorough break-down of the program as well as a list of services, resources, and regional contacts for easy referencing. To view the guide, visit Rapid Response Information Guide.

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