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Pennsylvanians Can Ask Unemployment Questions Live During L&I Virtual Town Hall Today at 1:00 PM


Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania's Unemployment Compensation (UC) experts will answer questions live from claimants during the Department of Labor & Industry's (L&I) sixteenth virtual town hall from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM today, Thursday, September 10, 2020. UC will provide information about the unemployment benefits programs administered by L&I.

How to participate

A livestream will be online at Those without internet access can listen by calling 1-833-380-0719, however phone lines are limited so we ask that they be reserved for individuals who need them.

Participants using the phone lines can ask questions directly of our UC expert. Individuals livestreaming the town hall can submit typed questions that will be read to the UC expert by a moderator. To protect participants' personal confidential information, detailed answers about individual claim questions cannot be answered during the town hall.

Unemployment benefits programs

In addition to the state's regular UC program, Pennsylvania also oversees:

Improving UC Customer Service

Since March 15, L&I has paid nearly $26 billion in unemployment benefits.

The department has improved customer service by:

  • Resolving 97 percent of eligible regular unemployment compensation claims between March 15 and August 1. These claims were either paid or were not eligible for benefits. The remaining 3 percent represents 49,310 cases could not be approved automatically and are pending resolution.
  • Increasing UC service center staffing levels 124 percent (from 775 employees to the current total of 1,742) since mid-March with the hiring of new employees, onboarding of external call center support staff, and reassigning of staff from other state offices/agencies.
  • Boosting UC support with employees working more than 293,745 total overtime hours since March 15, including in the service centers and all other areas of UC.
  • Helping:
  • 1,002,660 through email;
  • 452,489 by phone;
  • 142,610 by LiveChat; and
  • 319,735 by Virtual Assistant.

L&I is continuing to focus on these customer service improvements but will not be truly satisfied until every Pennsylvanian who is eligible gets the unemployment benefits they worked hard for and deserve.

Important Resources and Links

Additional unemployment benefits information is available on L&I's website, Facebook or Twitter.


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