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Department of Labor & Industry Commits to Safeguarding Child Workers Ahead of Summer Job Surge

Governor Josh Shapiro’s proposed 2024-25 budget would enhance child worker protections by expanding the team that enforces Pennsylvania’s labor laws.

Pennsylvania’s Unemployment Rate Remains At 3.4% in April

Total nonfarm jobs number sets ninth consecutive record high, up 81,000 over the year; labor force continues to grow

Shapiro Administration Awards $350,000 Grant to Berks County's Rodale Institute to Support First-in-PA Apprenticeship in Organic Agriculture

Since Governor Shapiro took office, his Administration has supported the creation of nearly 40 new registered apprenticeship programs in Pennsylvania and invested in the Commonwealth’s ag industry – including two new apprenticeship programs serving the agriculture industry.

Shapiro Administration Recognizes Pittsburgh Pre-Apprenticeship Program Serving Marginalized Communities, Highlights Millions in Apprenticeship Funding in 2024-25 Proposed Budget

Governor Shapiro’s 2024-25 budget proposal invests in Pennsylvania’s workforce, including $6 million for registered apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs.

Shapiro Administration Celebrates Youth Apprenticeship Week, Expanded Apprenticeship Opportunities Across Pennsylvania

Since the start of the Shapiro Administration, the Department of Labor & Industry has supported the creation of 39 new apprenticeship programs in Pennsylvania.

Shapiro Administration Announces Significant Decrease in Call Wait Times for Unemployment Compensation Claimants

Call wait times have dropped by nearly 60 percent since January 2023.

Shapiro Administration Announces New Grant Opportunity for Apprenticeship Programs in the Organic Agriculture Industry

Governor Shapiro knows agriculture is key to our economy – and this Administration is focused on creating more opportunities for folks to help build the future of Pennsylvania Agriculture.

Shapiro Administration Launches First-of-its-Kind Helpline for Unemployment Compensation Claimants Staffed by Vocational Rehabilitation Customers

​The new call center will both improve UC customer service and provide valuable job experience for Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

Shapiro Administration Labor Law Investigators Return More Than $4 Million in Earned Wages to Pennsylvania Workers in 2023

To continue this work, Governor Josh Shapiro is calling for additional funding in the proposed 2024-25 budget for labor law compliance investigators to further protect Pennsylvania’s workers.

L&I Fines Wendy’s Franchise Owner $300,000 for Child Labor Violations at 21 Restaurants in Southeast Pennsylvania

The 766 violations range from failure to provide breaks to excessive hours worked in a week, with all fines collected from child labor law investigations deposited into Pennsylvania’s General Fund.

Shapiro Administration Gets Stuff Done: One Year Since Taking Office, the Unemployment Compensation System is Back on Track with Enhanced Customer Service

Within seven months of Governor Josh Shapiro taking office, the Department of Labor &amp; Industry resolved the pandemic-era backlog of UC claims and all outstanding fraud reports.&nbsp; <br><br>In 2023, the Department of Labor &amp; Industry hired more than 380 additional staff at service centers to improve and expedite the UC process for Pennsylvanians. <br>
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