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DMVA Helps Veterans Receive Vital Benefits Earned by Locating Lost Military Documents



Annville, PA  The Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) encourages veterans who need assistance with locating their lost DD Form 214 (DD-214) and other military documents to contact the DMVA so they can get credit for time served and receive veteran benefits they have earned. 

The DD-214 is a Department of Defense document issued upon a servicemember's retirement, separation, or discharge from active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces. It contains information needed to verify military service for benefits, retirement, employment, and membership in veterans' organizations. Without this key document, there could be significant delays when a veteran seeks benefits earned through their military service.


“The DMVA makes helping veterans find their lost DD-214 and other military documents a top priority,” said Maj. Gen. Mark Schindler, Pennsylvania’s adjutant general and head of the DMVA. “Having their military paperwork is an important first step in accessing the benefits veterans have earned through their service to our nation.”


The DMVA can also assist with locating the DD-215, which is used to correct errors or make additions to a DD-214, helping to assure that veterans have accurate discharge documentation.


Over the past fiscal year, the DMVA has responded to total of 790 requests and nearly 1,100 phone calls for assistance with finding military records.

The easiest way to manage military documents and avoid having to frantically search for them is to make sure they are filed in a safe place immediately upon leaving the military.


“It is vital that we educate servicemembers on the importance of safeguarding military documents as soon as they transition to civilian life,” said Brig. Gen. (PA) Maureen Weigl, deputy adjutant general for Veterans Affairs. “One of the best places to file military documents such as the DD-214 is at your county courthouse. This will ensure documents are kept in a safe place and available for access at the convenience of veterans and their family members, even if the paperwork is needed decades later.” 

Anyone needing assistance from the DMVA to locate their DD-214/215, or other military documentation, can call toll-free 1-800-547-2838 or e-mail More information about locating military documents can be found by visiting the Records Request Program.

Another way to stay in touch is for veterans, family members and people who work with veterans to sign up for the DMVA’s Veterans Registry by visiting​

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