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Office of State Fire Commissioner Relaunches “Academy on the Road” Training Program


YORK, PA – Acting State Fire Commissioner Charles McGarvey announced that the Office of State Fire Commissioner (OSFC) is relaunching the Academy on the Road (AOTR) training program during training exercises today in York, PA.

"Programs like Academy on the Road are exceptionally important to our office as we move past COVID-19, and re-focus our resources on the mission," said McGarvey.  "Adequate training is vital to positive outcomes and putting State Fire Academy coursework in front of responders in their hometowns is a vital first step in improving accessibility."

The Pennsylvania State Fire Academy, located in Lewistown, administers the AOTR training programs to the emergency services.  These programs are conducted by the academy's resident and adjunct instructors free of charge (tuition free depending on budget) and are available to be taught at your location to fire/rescue organizations interested in these specialized courses. Depending on the course, a materials or transportation fee may be required.

The academy provides qualified instructors and student materials required to teach the course at your location. The participating fire department is responsible for:

  • Recruiting a minimum of 24 qualified students that meet the course prerequisites
  • Providing their completed applications to the academy 15 days prior to the start of the course
  • Instructors, course materials, and certificates will be issued by the academy to the sponsoring agency.

Agencies interested in scheduling AOTR classes for your area should contact the academy to request a course, select course dates, and discuss course logistical needs.  Learn more about the fire service in Pennsylvania by visiting OSFC online at, and like

MEDIA CONTACT: L. Paul Vezzetti – 717-651-2169;

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