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Shapiro Administration Visits Cumberland Goodwill EMS in Carlisle, Highlighting Statewide Budget Investments in Public Safety

Governor Shapiro’s Budget Proposes Doubling State Investment in First Responders<br>&nbsp;<br>

Change Your Batteries, Change Your Clocks This Weekend

OSFC reminds PA residents to check smoke detectors this Fall.

Shapiro Administration Awards $880K in Volunteer Fire Assistance Grants to 142 departments Across the Commonwealth

Pennsylvania Residents Encouraged to Take Safety Precautions Fall Months as Wildfire Risks Increase<br>&nbsp;<br>

Shapiro Administration Announces Emergency Services Grant Awardees

Nearly $900K Awarded to Municipal Fire Departments and Training Facilities

Thomas Cook Confirmed to Serve as State Fire Commissioner

Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Senate unanimously confirmed Thomas Cook to serve as Pennsylvania’s first Senate-confirmed state fire commissioner.

OSFC Reminds Pennsylvanians to Change Their Smoke Alarm Batteries, Clocks This Weekend

Acting State Fire Commissioner Thomas Cook is reminding Pennsylvanians to change the batteries in their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Shapiro Administration Announces More Than $31 Million in Fire Company and Emergency Medical Services Grants

HARRISBURG, PA — Grant awards totaling more than $31 million have been awarded to 2,336 applicants who sought funding through the Fire Company and Emergency Medical Services Grant Program.