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Flagship Niagara League Board of Directors Vote in Favor of Continued Collaboration with Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, Both Organizations Working toward Formal Agreement


Erie, PA - The Flagship Niagara League (FNL) and the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC) are pleased to announce that as the next step in their collaboration, FNL has chosen to move forward with becoming the associate group for the Erie Maritime Museum. At a special board meeting, FNL's Board of Directors voted in favor of this decision, marking an important step towards a formal agreement with PHMC.


There are still several important issues, however, that need to be resolved by FNL, such as the future of the Lettie G. Howard and other FNL sailing programs, before a final contract with PHMC can be signed. PHMC and FNL are optimistic that these sailing programs will be transitioned to another organization with an aligned mission and are looking forward to the next steps in this collaborative process.


The recent board vote follows a series of discussions aimed at defining the relationship between the two organizations, as pledged in a joint public announcement made in December 2023.


“I would like to thank PHMC and FNL staff and board members for investing the time to achieve this important first step for the League and the Erie Maritime Museum,” said FNL Board Chair Mike Martin. “There is still work to do, but the groundwork has been laid to bring this agreement to fruition.”


As the associate group, FNL will work alongside PHMC to support a shared vision for the Erie Maritime Museum, with the U.S. Brig Niagara as a central focus of its programming and educational initiatives. Both organizations are committed to offering dynamic educational experiences that highlight Pennsylvania's maritime history to visitors.


“PHMC is enthusiastic about continued collaboration with FNL and the great potential to achieve even more together for the people of the Greater Erie region and for all Pennsylvanians,” said PHMC Executive Director Andrea Lowery.


Both PHMC and FNL are dedicated to ensuring a bright future for the Erie Maritime Museum and the U.S. Brig Niagara. Their partnership not only benefits the two organizations but also the Greater Erie community and surrounding region.

Visitors can look forward to many years of enjoying the Erie Maritime Museum and U.S. Brig Niagara and experiencing Erie’s rich maritime history firsthand.


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