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PENNVEST Announces Low-Interest Loan in Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP)

Harrisburg, PA - The Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) recently
finalized a low-interest loan funding offer for $800,000 to Murmac Farms, LLC, a large-scale
dairy and agricultural operation based in Centre County, Pennsylvania. The funding will be
utilized to implement several agricultural best management practices (BMPs) that will improve
the efficiency of the farm operation and dramatically increase water quality in the area and
throughout the watershed.

With the funding provided by PENNVEST, Murmac Farms, LLC will construct a comprehensive
manure solids separation system and install 1,330 linear feet of piping. The new system will
efficiently accommodate the waste from more than 1,800 dairy cows and markedly bolster
protection of the Nittany Creek and Bald Eagle Creek watersheds. Additionally, because of the
low-interest structure of the funding, Murmac Farms, LLC has the potential to save more than
$160,000 over the use of conventional financing.

“Agricultural improvements like the ones made by Murmac Farms have been shown to have
exponential benefit to the environment,” said Brion Johnson, executive director of PENNVEST.
“This financing will allow for continued, successful large-scale agricultural operation while
improving water quality throughout central Pennsylvania.”

“Farming operations on any scale can be difficult to maintain successfully,” said Brian Craig of
Murmac Farms. “The agricultural industry is incredibly competitive, so this PENNVEST funding
is enormously beneficial to the success of the farm and the continued environmental
improvements we make.”

Since its inception in 1988, PENNVEST has funded nearly 50 clean water projects throughout
Centre County, providing over $113 million in grant and low-interest loan funding.

MEDIA CONTACT: Brent Sailhamer - 717.783.4273

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