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Statement on PSERS filing in Muth, K. v. PSERS, et al" (182 MD 2021)


Harrisburg, PA - The Public School Employees' Retirement System (PSERS) has filed its response in Commonwealth Court to a lawsuit filed by Senator Katie Muth, a PSERS Board member, over access to certain investigation-related documents concerning a property known as 812 Market Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  The documents were previously withheld due to ongoing investigations by the Department of Justice ("DOJ") and an internal investigation being overseen by the Audit/Compliance Committee of the Board of PSERS.

In February 2022, following the completion of the Audit/Compliance Committee's internal investigation, all PSERS Board members, including Senator Muth, were given access to certain documents that were provided by PSERS to the DOJ.  Access was given to thousands of documents relating to various Harrisburg properties, including 812 Market Street. 

Now that the Board and Senator Muth have been provided access to these documents, PSERS is hopeful that Senator Muth will voluntarily withdraw her lawsuit.