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Act 5 of 2017, Retirement Code Legislation, Signed Into Law: Statement from PSERS Executive Director Glen R. Grell


“First and foremost I want to reassure our 500,000 active and retired members that PSERS will continue provide the same high level of customer service they expect from us during the implementation of Act 5 of 2017.

“Act 5 of 2017 represents a substantial change to our operations and will require a tremendous effort by all of PSERS staff.   PSERS has already begun to review the legislation in detail with affected bureau directors to develop an implementation plan to meet the July 1, 2019 time frame.  We have also met with the Governor’s Administration and legislative leaders to make sure we will receive the necessary funding, staffing, and other resources needed in order to achieve a successful plan implementation.  I am confident that PSERS dedicated staff will rise to the challenge and develop a 'best-in-class' caliber plan roll-out for the benefit of our future members.”

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