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Fraud Alert: PSERS Members Receive Unsolicited Cold Calls About Retirement Benefits

FRAUD ALERT: Some PSERS members have reported receiving emails and phone calls from persons to discuss their retirement benefits. Some appear to be phishing scams. Others are unsolicited sales pitches. Some have gone so far as to falsely claim to be working on behalf of PSERS.

Please be advised that none of these unsolicited emails and calls you may receive are sanctioned by or associated with PSERS. In its responsibility of providing your retirement benefits PSERS will communicate directly with you, but when doing so PSERS will not ask you for your personal information.

During this pandemic, PSERS continues to process your benefits and answer your emails and letters. As stated in the email sent earlier this week from PSERS Executive Director Glen Grell, PSERS staff are working remotely and have appropriate technical resources to effectively serve our members while our office locations are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.  PSERS continues to provide retirement counseling to members planning to retire in the next year. Due to social distancing efforts and for the safety of everyone, these retirement exit counseling sessions are being conducted online through the month of April. For those members who are already scheduled to attend a retirement exit counseling session in April, PSERS staff will be contacting you directly in order to provide you with the information you will need to receive your online counseling on the originally scheduled date and time.

Depending on when PSERS offices reopen, online retirement counseling sessions may continue through the month of May. Please continue to monitor PSERS.PA.GOV for updates.

While PSERS strives to regularly provide information to its members, it has NOT partnered with any financial entity other than Voya Financial ®.  The Voya partnership, which began in 2019, is focused on the administration and oversight of the new PSERS Defined Contribution (DC) Plan. You may receive emails directly from PSERS or Voya, but no other entity is contracted or authorized to provide retirement counseling on behalf of PSERS.

If you receive a communication and are unsure if it is something legitimate from PSERS, you should contact PSERS using our online contact form. Remember, fraudulent sales pitches or phishing scams can be reported to the Attorney General's office using their online form.