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Governor Wolf Honors Revenue Employees For Customer Service Improvement

Harrisburg, Pa. — Governor Tom Wolf today presented Governor’s Awards for Excellence to six employees from the Department of Revenue for embracing the commonwealth’s “Lean” strategy to revamp the process the department uses to process corporate clearance and bulk sale certificates. The new process includes the use of an electronic case management system that has significantly reduced wait times for taxpayers while saving the department time and money.

“Embracing Lean practices helps us identify unnecessary delays and recognize simple process improvements that can lead to immediate improvements in customer service,” Governor Wolf said. “The Revenue employees being recognized today saw the need to improve a process that touches thousands of taxpayers each year. Their success is a great example of the work that commonwealth employees are doing every day to provide a Government that Works for all Pennsylvanians.”

Governor Wolf today presented Governor’s Awards for Excellence to 49 employees representing eight commonwealth agencies at a ceremony at the State Museum of Pennsylvania. The Governor’s Awards for Excellence recognize employees for exemplary job performance or service that reflects initiative, leadership, innovation and increased efficiency.

Corporate clearance certificates are requested by businesses ceasing operations in Pennsylvania. A corporate clearance certificate verifies that a company has satisfied all of its Pennsylvania tax obligations and is in good standing. A bulk sale clearance certificate is necessary for the transfer of assets to take place, meaning it is an important step for companies involved in acquisitions or mergers. The Department of Revenue annually processes approximately 9,500 corporate clearance applications and roughly 750 bulk sale applications.

By utilizing new technology for managing these cases, the department made great improvements to an earlier process that required employees to review all cases by hand. The new case management system also streamlines the process for taxpayers who have been compliant in paying their state taxes and timely filing tax returns.

The efficiencies created by the new electronic process have cut the wait time for taxpayers to receive their clearances by 64 percent. The department also reduced its backlog of cases by 78 percent while achieving approximately $268,000 in annual cost savings. Overall, this is one of many Lean projects the department has focused on to improve its processes.

“The department is constantly looking for ways to improve customer service and the team involved in this project has done that very successfully,” Revenue Secretary Dan Hassell said. “The process that we have implemented has led to a better experience for our corporate taxpayers, who are now receiving the clearances they need from the department in a timelier manner.”

The Revenue employees receiving Governor’s Awards for Excellence are John Klinger, James Lavelle, Scott Pfeffer, Owen Hannah, Darla Ptaszek and Ron Felty.

For more information, visit the Department of Revenue’s website or visit the department’s pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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