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Final Adjudication Issued - Patriot Home Care


Order No. 147-SL  
Patriot Home Care
Registered Principal
Philadelphia, PA  19141


1. Patriot Home Care, in its capacity as a principal registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State (“Department of State”) under principal registration number “P61952,” failed to timely file a quarterly expense report with the Department of State for the third quarter of 2019 as required by Section 13A05 of Pennsylvania’s lobbying disclosure law (“Lobbying Disclosure Law”), 65 Pa.C.S. § 13A05.
2. The transgression of the Lobbying Disclosure Law outlined in paragraph 1 immediately above is deemed to be unintentional, and thus, negligent in nature.
3. Pursuant to Section 13A09(c) of the Lobbying Disclosure Law, 65 Pa.C.S. § 13A09(c), and the Consent Agreement of the parties, this Commission hereby levies one administrative penalty against Patriot Home Care in the total amount of $7,170.00, calculated as follows: $50.00 per day for the first ten days its third quarter 2019 expense report was delinquent, plus  $100.00 per day for the next ten days its third quarter 2019 expense report was delinquent, plus $70.00 per day for the remaining eighty-one days its third quarter 2019 expense report was delinquent (10 days x $50.00 + 10 days x $100.00 + 81 days x $70.00 = $7,170.00).
4. To the extent it has not already done so, Patriot Home Care is ordered to pay the aforesaid administrative penalty in the total amount of $7,170.00 to be made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and forwarded to the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission by no later than the thirtieth (30th) day after the mailing date of this Order.
5. Noncompliance with Paragraph 4 of this Order will result in the Commission initiating appropriate enforcement action(s).

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