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Public Meeting Agenda - June 28, 2022


Opening Statement



1.         April 21, 2022 public meeting minutes



2.         Civil Penalty Orders (Consents):

            Price, 21-026-P

            Edwards, 22-006-P


3.         Civil Penalty Orders (Defaults):

            Norris, 21-057-P

            Miller, 21-059-P

            Senott, 22-002-P (Chief Counsel recused from this matter)

            Galiotto, 22-004-P

            Broady, 22-005-P

            Martin, 22-007-P

            Watts, 22-008-P



            Administrative Penalty Orders (Consents):

4.         Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation, 22-001-L (Commissioner Schwartz recused from this matter)

5.         Beaver Investments, 22-002-L


Administrative Matters:

6.         Announcement of Election of Officers

7.         Recognition of Robert Caruso

8.         Retiring Commissioner Recognition   

9.         Public Comment:  Receipt of testimony or input from persons or organizations which represent any individuals subject to the Public Official and Employee Ethics Act or from other interested parties.            

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