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Public Meeting Agenda - April 9, 2024



Finance Building

613 North Street, Room 307

Harrisburg, PA  17120


Public Meeting Agenda – Amended

April 9, 2024

9:00 a.m.


Opening Statement



1.         January 11, 2024, Public Meeting Minutes



2.         Civil Penalty Order (Consent) 

            Gordon, 24-010-P


3.         Civil Penalty Orders (Defaults) 

            Henderson, 23-013-P

            Del Rio, 23-038-P

            Brooks, 23-040-P (Commissioner Caruso recused from this                  matter)

            Almonte, 23-041-P

            Riedlinger, 23-042-P


4.         Administrative Penalty Order (Consent):

            Life Revival, LLC, 24-002-L


Administrative Matters:

5.         Regulations – Technical changes update

6.         Regulations – Substantive changes update

7.         Statement of Operations

8.         Budget Letters to General Assembly

9.         Office of Attorney General Collections

10.       Medical Marijuana List

11.       Extension to Paid Parental Leave

12.       Merit-Based Pay Increases Policy Directive

13.       Out-of-Town Meeting Location

14.      Public Comment:  Receipt of testimony or input from persons or organizations which represent any individuals subject to the Public Official and Employee Ethics Act or from other interested parties.

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