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State Board of Medicine Releases Statement to Pennsylvanians in Support of COVID-19 Vaccination


Harrisburg, PA – The State Board of Medicine today released a statement encouraging Pennsylvanians to stay informed and get vaccinated against COVID-19 when they are eligible.

The statement reads:

The Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine helps to ensure the health and health care for those in Pennsylvania. The COVID-19 pandemic is currently a threat to our well-being. In December, two vaccines received emergency use authorization and a third was approved just days ago. Vaccination teaches our bodies to build an immune response rather than suffering with illness and help fight COVID-19. We hope those in the Commonwealth choose vaccination as a safe and effective way to maintain personal and public health. While the COVID-19 virus has and will change over time, called "variants" or "mutations," getting vaccinated and continuing basic personal protection behaviors remains the best path for all.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health guides the distribution and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine throughout 66 of the 67 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with Philadelphia County acting as a separate vaccine jurisdiction overseeing distribution in Philadelphia County. The State Board of Medicine supports the Commonwealth's efforts to procure vaccine and to ensure the optimal distribution and administration of vaccine, including prioritization guidance.

The State Board of Medicine recognizes the need to prioritize those seeking vaccination to optimize the impact as wider vaccinating occurs over time. The BoM encourages Pennsylvanians to be patient and stay informed and committed to vaccination. Vaccine distribution will be most effective when sent to those who can deliver doses within prioritization plans to people without delay including those in traditionally underserved or neglected communities. Not all can get vaccine immediately, but in time, all will be offered vaccine.

The Board will advise the Commonwealth as requested and seeks to inform our communities about the pandemic. Clear and open public dialogue can help avoid confusion, disappointment, or lack of trust. Having as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible serves all of us well. If you have specific circumstances or questions, please reach out to your health provider.

As a reminder, no matter what your health status is or if you have already been vaccinated ─ please continue ongoing personal vigilance with masking, social distancing and hand hygiene to curtail transmission. Together, using those actions and by getting vaccinated, we can help stop the pandemic.

MEDIA CONTACT: Wanda Murren, 717-783-1621

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