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Secretary of State Encourages Pennsylvanians to Learn About Elections by Serving as a Poll Worker


Harrisburg, PA – Acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid today encouraged all eligible Pennsylvanians to learn more about elections by signing up to be poll workers in their county for the November 2, 2021, election.

"Poll workers play an integral role at the electoral process and support state and county election officials as they protect the integrity of elections," said Secretary Degraffenreid. "Serving as a poll worker is one of the best ways for Pennsylvanians to learn firsthand how elections are run."

Taking part in poll worker training and then assisting voters on Election Day will provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the detailed planning and careful processes that are part of every election, Secretary Degraffenreid added.

"Here in Pennsylvania and across the nation, there is a serious shortage of poll workers," Secretary Degraffenreid said. "Working at the polls is a great way to be civically engaged and be of service to your community and to your friends and neighbors as they exercise their right to vote."

Find more information and submit an interest form at

In general, poll workers must be 18 years old and registered to vote in the county in which they want to serve as a poll worker. Exceptions to the age requirements exist for high school students who are at least 17 years old and who want to serve as poll workers.

Poll workers receive training from and are paid by their county. Some counties need multi-lingual poll workers to provide language assistance at polling places to voters who have limited English proficiency.

"Anyone who cares about trust in elections should step up and help at the polls," said Secretary Degraffenreid. "I know from my years of working as an election administrator that helping run an election is an incredible learning experience, and ultimately, a reassuring one, learning about the many ways our elections are protected."

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