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Substance Sickens Employees, Results in ER Treatment, Release

August 6, 2018
Substance Sickens Employees, Results in ER Treatment, Release
At around 2 p.m. today, after searching a cell and packing inmate property, six employees were sent to Grove City Hospital. All had either come into direct contact with a suspicious substance or had been in contact with someone who had contact with the substance. One employee required administration of Narcan and was admitted to the hospital
Prison officials were informed that the entire hospital, including the ER, was shut down for decontamination. The hospital has since reopened. Reporters are encouraged to reach out to the hospital directly to discuss their procedures.
All six employees were treated at the hospital, and all but one have been released.
The Department of Corrections values the safety of its employees and has a zero tolerance for drugs entering its prisons. DOC officials will not tolerate this type of behavior by inmates.
The Pennsylvania State Police, along with facility and DOC security staff, is investigating this incident. DOC officials will work closely with PSP, who will determine whether charges will be filed.
The prison is locked down.
MEDIA CONTACT: Andrea Shiock, PIO, 724-662-1837
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