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SCI Phoenix to Test Emergency Siren

Collegeville, PA – Superintendent Tammy Ferguson announces that beginning Thursday, August 1, 2019, at noon and every day thereafter, the State Correctional Institution (SCI) at Phoenix will conduct tests of its emergency siren, which is located on institution property. 

The siren is sounded to alert the surrounding community in the event of an inmate escape or other emergency. When tested, the siren will emit a distinctive sound and will be blown for a continuous 30 seconds. In the event of an actual escape, the siren will be sounded for a continuous 60 second blast with a five second pause before being sounded again.

The purpose of the daily and weekly tests is twofold. First, to ensure the siren is operating properly and second, to allow those in the surrounding community to become familiar with the sound of the siren.

If citizens hear the siren at times other than normal testing times, they should tune into their local news media to obtain additional information.

MEDIA CONTACT: Kristina Owens or Gina Orlando, 610-409-7890

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