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Pennsylvania Protects Additional 32 Farms, 1,792 Acres in Nation-Leading Farmland Preservation Program


Harrisburg, PA - During the April meeting of the Pennsylvania Agricultural land Preservation Board, an additional 1,792 acres on 32 farms in 14 counties were safeguarded through the state’s nation-leading farmland preservation program.

Since the program began in 1988, federal, state, county and local governments have invested more than $1.3 billion to preserve 520,619 acres on 4,951 farms in 57 counties for future agricultural production.

“Preserving farmland protects the environment and our natural resources, and supports sustainability of Pennsylvania agriculture,” said Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding. “I thank the Pennsylvania farm families that know the importance of preserving our farmland for future generations, and for their foresight to conserve the best of Pennsylvania agriculture.”

The board preserved farms in 14 counties: Adams, Armstrong, Berks, Bucks, Chester, Cumberland, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Mifflin, Montgomery, Northampton, Washington and Westmoreland.

The Pennsylvania Agricultural Conservation Easement Purchase Program identifies properties and slows the loss of prime farmland to non-agricultural uses. It enables state, county and local governments to purchase conservation easements, also called development rights, from owners of quality farmland.

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Farms Preserved:


The Fletcher Farm LLP, a Maryland Limited Liability Partnership farm #3, a 42.77-acre crop farm


The Richard A. Shirey Farm, a 116.117-acre crop farm


The Kenneth P. and Diane W. Leiby farm #4, a 37.60-acre crop farm

The John R. & Kimberly J. McGrath farm #1, a 61-acre crop farm

The Kathy M. Reifsnyder farm #1, a 34.20-acre crop farm

The Kenneth R. Sholl farm, a 37.10-acre crop farm


The David & Roxanne Caccavo farm #2, a 219-acre crop farm

The Gladys Springer Estate (Papa Farm), a 64.59-acre crop farm


The Nelson R. and Marilyn Lois Beam farm, a 52.50-acre crop and livestock operation

The Brown Partnership farm #2, a 48.73-acre crop farm

The Roger and Lisa Elvin farm, a 31.67-acre horse farm

The Noah H. and Rachel N. Martin farm, a 103.30-acre crop and livestock operation

The LP Warwick-Yoder farm, a 73.31-acre crop farm


The Donald A. McKeehan and Jessica E. Chestnut farm, a 30-acre crop farm


The Randall S. and Christine L. Andrews farm, a 27.56-acre crop farm

The P and B Brubacher and L. and M. Martin farm, a 19.15-acre crop farm

The Keith D. and Megan L. Frey farm, a 32.72-acre crop and livestock operation

The John L. and Marcia L. Harnish farm, a 53.64-acre crop farm

The Arlan Jay and J. Louise Kurtz farm, a 97.37-acre crop and livestock operation

The Carolyn M. and Andy H. Martin farm, a 70.94-acre crop farm

The M. Stephen, C. Brian and Debra Martin farm, a 72.03-acre crop farm

The J. Stephen Smith and Candice Morse-Smith farm, a 39.83-acre crop and livestock operation


The David L., Louis A. and Michael G. Rotunda farm, a 61.34-acre crop farm

The Sharon L. Wampler farm, a 27-acre crop farm


The Sara T. DuPont farm, a 17.84-acre crop farm

The Janette B. Pireda farm, a 14.51-acre livestock operation

The William G. Roy farm, a 53.31-acre crop farm


The Robert et al Stayrook farm #1, a 77.76-acre crop farm


The Phillip & Christine McMahon farm #1, a 34.15-acre livestock operation


The Moore Township farm, a 38.05-acre crop farm


The Plantation Plenty, LLC farm #2, a 20.22-acre livestock operation


The Thomas E. & Belinda M. Derr farm #1, an 82.72-acre crop and livestock operation

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