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DEP Cites Erie Coke for Numerous Unresolved Air Quality Violations


Erie, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) today sent a letter notifying Erie Coke Corporation that its numerous unresolved air quality violations and its lack of intention or ability to comply have been placed on DEP’s Air Compliance Docket.  

DEP cited nearly 80 air quality violations over the past two years that Erie Coke has not resolved. In February, DEP issued an administrative order to Erie Coke requiring a compliance plan, schedule, and plan approval to address the continuing violations. Erie Coke appealed the order and did not comply with all requirements of the order. 

The Pennsylvania Air Pollution Control Act and DEP regulations prevent DEP from renewing Erie Coke’s federal Title V operating permit until the violations are resolved and DEP determines that Erie Coke has the intention and ability to comply with the Air Pollution Control Act and the federal Clean Air Act.

“DEP has made numerous attempts to work with Erie Coke to resolve the violations, but Erie Coke continues to demonstrate it lacks the ability or intention to comply,” said DEP Northwest Regional Office Director James Miller. “We cannot proceed with the permit renewal process until Erie Coke resolves the violations and demonstrates it can operate within the law.”

Erie Coke has 30 days from the receipt of notice to file an appeal with the Environmental Hearing Board.

A copy of the letter sent to Erie Coke and list of violations is available at

MEDIA CONTACT: Elizabeth Rementer, 717-787-1323.

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